Nitrogen Dioxide and Black Carbon Concentrations in Ljubljana

Urednik: Darko Ogrin
Leto izida: 2016
Št. strani: 118 strani
Tip vezave: mehka vezava
ISBN: 978-961-237-816-5
Zbirka: Geograff

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The material contained in this new publication on air quality in Ljubljana presents an interesting, informative, and highly relevant view of the problem of air pollution in the urban environment, in particular with respect to the predominant impacts of road traffic. The authors’ thorough analyses of air pollution from nitrogen dioxide and black carbon reflect Ljubljana’s successes in combating these environmental problems, shown also in light of the city’s award as European Green Capital 2016. The careful presentations of differences within the urban environment and the different types of urban space, and how this affects the spread of polluted air, with an emphasis in this case on trafficrelated pollution, will undoubtedly be of use to planners of city development and transportation policies.