General conditions

Knjigarna Online Bookshop– General Terms and Conditions
Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

The online Faculty of Arts Bookshop (Knjigarna) is run by the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Aškerčeva cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana, tax no.: SI55382657, registration no.: 1627058 (hereinafter referred to as UL FF).

1. Prices
Prices for the online shop are listed in euros (EUR) and include VAT. Shipping costs are not included in the price of the book. Prices and other offers (discounts, etc.) are valid for the day the order was placed. The valid original invoice is that which the purchaser receives on payment or on delivery in conjunction with the general terms published on this site and confirmed on placement of the order.

2. Shipping Costs
2.1. Regular delivery throughout Slovenia – Pošta Slovenije:
Shipping and handling costs for packages that do not exceed 2kg are 3.40 EUR (incl. VAT). Pošta Slovenije (i.e. the Slovenian postal service) charges a fee of EUR 1.05 for cash on delivery.

2.2. Regular delivery abroad – Pošta Slovenije
Shipping and handling costs for packages that do not exceed 2kg are 8.54 EUR (incl. VAT) for standard, non-priority mail.

If your country does not appear in the listing please contact the bookshop by e-mail first.

3. Payment methods for foreign purchasers:
Foreign purchasers who order books to a delivery address abroad can select the prepayment option, paying by debit card or through electronic payment. After sending the order, purchasers receive an invoice. UL FF will deliver the order after payment is made to its current account. Cash on delivery (on collection) is not possible outside Slovenija.

Foreign purchasers who order books for resale, and purchasers in need of further information, are kindly asked to contact us via e-mail at:

4. Purchasing process and concluding the sales contract
Begin your purchase process at the UL FF’s online bookshop by selecting the “BUY” icon for the publications you desire. After completing the selection, click on “SHOPPING CART.” You will then be shown the publications you have chosen, the quantity, any discounts and the total price of the purchase.

To continue, select the “PROCEED WITH ORDER” icon. During the next step you will have to register (the procedure differs depending on whether the purchaser is a legal entity or a natural person and according to whether s/he is a first-time purchaser or a returning purchaser). By logging into the online store you agree with the general terms and conditions of UL FF. During this step you can also register to receive notifications via email. Registration and login are followed by the choice of delivery, payment method and confirmation of purchase.
Prior to sending the order (that is, before selecting the “CONFIRM ORDER” icon) purchasers can return to the previous purchase step and correct information, and change the selection or quantity of selected publications. By clicking on “CONFIRM ORDER” the purchaser confirms that s/he is familiar with the general terms and conditions of UL FF and that s/he was clearly informed of these terms and conditions upon registration. The sale contract is concluded at the moment when UL FF sends an e-mail to the purchaser confirming the order.

These general conditions are valid as contract terms under the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette of RS, no. 98/04-UPB2 and following; CPA) and are part of each sales contract.

The order/contract shall be concluded in Slovenian or in English (if the purchaser fills out the order in English). The concluded contract is stored on the server at the main building of UL FF. Access to the contract is possible every working day from 8.30 to 14.30 (please call in advance at: 01/241 11 19, or by e-mail at:

5. Delivery times and receipt of goods
The normal delivery time for order publications is 3 working days for delivery addresses in Slovenia. We reserve the right to withdraw (partially) from carrying out the contract in cases where there is a limited stock of the books ordered (in rare circumstances, it can happen that there is insufficient stock and that the website does not yet reflect this), or if we ascertain a payment risk-level on the part of the purchaser. In these and similar cases we will immediately notify you via e-mail or telephone about our decision to withdraw from the contract.
Foreign deliveries are subject to the terms of Pošta Slovenije.

6. Customer safety and protection of personal data
By clicking “Registration and login,” you confirm your awareness that UL FF will ensure protection of your personal data in accordance with (EU) Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (24.7.2016), the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 94/07 – official consolidated text), and any other national legislation on the protection of personal data as well as the Rules on the protection of personal and confidential data at the University of Ljubljana. By clicking “Registration and login,” you also allow UL FF to process, until you cancel your agreement, personal data (name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address) for the purpose of concluding or fulfilling the contract. If you also check the box for receiving notifications, you allow UL FF to process your personal information for the purpose of informing you about notifications, events and other activities of the FF UL Bookstore (i.e., direct marketing). At any time, you may request that UL FF permanently or temporarily stop, within 15 days, using your personal information for the abovementioned purposes and that UL FF inform you of this in writing within 5 days. At any time, you may make your request to UL FF by phone (01 241 11 19), e-mail (, or in writing to the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana, FF Bookshop, Aškerčeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana. The cancellation of consent does not affect the legal compliance in terms of processing your personal information, which was carried out on the basis of consent until the time it was cancelled. At any time, you may also request right of access to your personal data, update your data, correct your data, and erase or restrict processing thereof; you also have the right to transfer data and the right to object to transferring. If you believe that the processing of personal data has resulted in a violation of the law, you may file a complaint addressed to the Information Commissioner by which you request that the processing of your personal data be discontinued. You may submit this request orally, in writing, by e-mail, or in another documented manner, to the FF UL Bookshop, which will enter the request into its records. The timelines for the retention of personal data are: 1. customer data are retained for as long as is required by accounting standards, the law governing value added tax or other tax regulations; 2. data from customers who have not purchased books but who have registered to receive notifications shall be retained until the customer notes otherwise.

UL FF is not liable for the accuracy of the personal data you provide when you register. When paying with payment cards and through electronic payment, personal data entered by the customer into the web application are processed by the Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (PPA). For additional information regarding the collecting and processing of personal data and the exercise of rights under the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), the customer should contact PPA.

7. The right to cancel an order
7.1. For consumers:

The purchaser, who is a consumer under the CPA, has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of books, without having to provide a reason for his/her decision. The 14-day period begins from the date the purchaser receives the goods. The purchaser withdraws from the contact by sending notification about the withdrawal to the contact address at Knjigarna UL FF:

If the purchaser has already received the goods and withdraws from the contract, the goods must be returned to UL FF within thirty days of the notification to withdraw from the purchase contract. The purchaser must return the goods, undamaged and in the same quantity, to University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, FF Bookshop, Aškerčeva cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. The only cost incurred by the purchaser for withdrawing the contract is for direct cost of returning the goods.

For returned products, UL FF will return all payments made to the purchaser as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after having received notification of withdrawal from the contract.

When paying by debit card or through electronic payment, the personal data entered by the customer into the web application is processed by the Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (PPA). For additional information regarding the collecting and processing of personal data and rights under the Law on Personal Data Protection (PDPA), customers are requested to contact UJP.


7.2 For legal entities:
Purchasers who are legal entities may withdraw from the contract under the provisions of the law governing such obligations.

8. Responsibility
UL FF tries to the best of its abilities to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the data published in its online store. From the moment UL FF mails the package of products ordered, it is not responsible in the event of physical damage, destruction or loss of packages, nor for items missing from the package or if the package shows signs of having been opened. In such cases the user (purchaser) must initiate the complaint process at Pošta Slovenije.

9. Complaints, disputes and application of the law
UL FF observes applicable regulations in the field of consumer protection, data protection and business in the market. The user (purchaser) may, in the event of a problem, contact Knjigarna UL FF by telephone at 01/241 11 19, or send a complaint by e-mail to: UL FF will make their best efforts to settle any dispute as amicably and as quickly as possible. If an amicable solution cannot be reached, disputes will be dealt with by the competent court in Ljubljana and in accordance with Slovenian law.

UL FF does not recognize any contractors for extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes as being competent for resolving disputes consumers would launch under the Act on the extra-judicial resolution of consumer disputes (ZIsRPS). This means that potential disputes are to be settled before a competent court. UL FF, as a provider dealing with online sales, and in accordance with the fourth paragraph of Article 32 of ZIsRPS, provides an electronic link to the online dispute resolution platform for consumer disputes


10. Changes in general conditions
UL FF reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and without special notice. Amendments shall enter into force and apply from the date of publication on the UL FF website, except in the case of orders confirmed before the amendment (which will be carried out under the previous General Terms and Conditions).

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