Local Attitudes & Global Perspectives. Re-examining (implicit) beliefs and attitudes - an approach to teaching American culture

Author: Lara Burazer

Year: 2020
Nr. pages: 96 strani
Book binding: paperback
ISBN 978-961-06-0301-6
Collection: Textbooks

Price: 10,90 €

The text emerged as a culmination of of a series of classes on American Culture and Society. Besides focusing on the obvious topics, it mainly aims at shedding perspective on the dichotomies between large and small cultures (such as American and Slovenian). These often affect our perceptions and consequently shape our cultural attitudes.The text may serve as a text-book, or individual chapters may be used to illustrate certain points in an English language or culture class. It may provide some general and occasionally witty insights for those who wish to dig deeper and investigate contemporary American culture beyond the mere popular media content.