The Dark Side of Digital Platforms: Linguistic Investigations of Socially Unacceptable Online Discourse

Editor: Darja Fišer, Philippa Smith
Year: 2020
Nr. pages: 136 strani
Book binding: paperbacke
ISBN 978-91-06-0307-8
Collection: Comparative and General Linguistics

Price: 14,90 €

While intolerant, abusive and hateful speech online has received a lot of attention by researchers in social, media and communication studies, its linguistic aspects have yet to be thoroughly investigated. This book contributes to filling this gap by showcasing how a linguistic perspective has much to offer in unravelling exactly what is occurring. With a common goal to interrogate the linguistic aspects of negative online behaviours on different social media platforms and against different targets, the authors approached the phenomenon from a different methodological frameworks. While primarily interested in identifying, describing and understanding intolerant, abusive and hateful speech online thoroughly and comprehensively, they also had a common belief that their work could inform efforts to contain or mitigate the impact of negative online behaviours regardless of where they occur. Each chapter interrogates a different communicative practice in a specific modality on a range of online