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A Model of the Supervised Practice of Psychologists

Authors: Anja Podlesek, Vlasta Zabukovec

Translation: Petra Zaranšek, Dean DeVos
Year: 2010
Nr. pages: 272 strani
Book binding: paperback
ISBN 978-961-237-402-0

Price: 27,76 €

EuroPsy - the European Certificate in Psychology represents an educational framework and minimum standards for the training of psychologists across EU. Within this framework, a year of supervised practice is required for entry into independent practice. The basic condition for the implementation of supervised practice is to educate mentors of supervised practice. The authors of the book developed such an educational program in 2010 within the European Social Funds project called 'Establishing a Network of Mentors and Training for the Supervised Practice of Psychologists'. This book presents the project and its results. The first part of the book presents the EuroPsy certificate, the requirements for the education and training of psychologists and the competences that are required for practicing psychology independently. The EuroPsy competence model is presented. The authors then analyse psychology study programmes at two universities in Slovenia and the competences they develop. In the second part, the book describes an educational program for mentors of supervised practice for psychologists - how it addresses basic steps of the mentoring process and develops an understanding of the EuroPsy competence model. Vlasta Zabukovec is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Ljubljana. She is the President of the Slovenian Psychological Association and a member of the European Awarding Committee for EuroPsy. She has an active role in EuroPsy implementation in Slovenia as the founder of the network for supervised practice of psychologists. Anja Podlesek is an Associate Professor of Psychological Methodology at the Department of Psychology, University of Ljubljana. There she coordinated the Bologna Process in which the study programme was tuned with the EuroPsy framework for the education of psychologists. She is active in EuroPsy implementation in Slovenia as the Chairperson of the National Awarding Committee for EuroPsy.